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Sound Of The Week - 22/05/20

Love Is Everywhere By Yellow Days

George van den Broek, better known as Yellow Days, is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter/producer from Haslemere, England. His music can be classified primarily as soul-filled indie-rock. He's released two albums and is often associated with the likes of Rex Orange County and Declan Mckenna. Yellow Days has just released his newest single the feel good 'Love Is Everywhere' with it's cool retro bass and its unique 80s swing to it this has a brilliant sound to it and fairly catchy. If you do want to explore more Yellow Days I'd personally recommend songs such as 'Gap In The Clouds' and 'A Smiling Face' both brillaint feel good anthems. Yellow Days is a brillaint up and coming artist and he's definetly one to watch.

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