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Sound Of The Week - 08/05/20

Drop 6 By Little Simz

An explosive new ep by London's own brilliant Little Simz. This 5-track ep brings together strong smooth jazz sounds with brilliant backbeats. The first track by far a major highlight of the ep 'might bang, might not' has a brilliant smooth bass guitar rhythm taking sounds from Portugal The Man's 'feel it still' and taking a strong drum and bass rhythm from old school hip hop such as A Tribe Called Quest.

The second track brings a tuneful feel good guitar beat with upbeat lyrics about the brilliant story of friendship and rolling joints having a good time hence the title 'one life, might live' pretty ironic the fact were in lockdown currently.

Another highlight of the ep was the third track 'damn right' which has a delightful flute sound from the likes of 'Konnichiwa' by Skepta. This ep will be a brilliant eye-opener for some people who won't know Little Simz and I wouldn't be surprised if we see her in the charts in a few weeks time with this incredible ep. Definitely one to watch and it will be very likely she'll take some fairly high festival slots in summer 2021.

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