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Sound Of The Week - 01/05/20

Heart Attack By Bronson ft Lau.ra

A brilliant compilation between Odezsa & Golden Features gives us Heart Attack featuring Lau.ra this brilliant compilation binds together all the elements with a catchy tune, a strong back beat and a brilliant feel-good vibe. Even though the lyrics are fairly dark talking about breaking up a relationship this brings a lot of irony with the deep bass drop with looping trumpets.

Odesza are a brilliant duo making moves with all three of there brilliant albums 'A Moment Apart' being a favourite. Golden Features has recently worked with Odezsa to produce a brilliant remix of 'Memories That You Call' which brings together a strong drum and bass vibe and deep drop which makes the two artists work extremely well together. Lau.ra a brilliant up and coming singer-songwriter from the Midlands in the UK has a brilliant sound which comes through on her extremely tantalizing single 'Sideways' she also produces a lovely swinging sound on this single. Definitely one to watch.

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