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Lyena an upcoming indie rock band hailing from London have explored the underground indie scene in the abstract playing shows across the UK & Ireland. These guys formed in 2018 after realising they all have a passion for an upbeat, unique, uplifting sound from which they are well known for producing. Although creating an upbeat, energetic sound Lyena explore the diversity in our world from gender inequality to homelessness through there extremely powerful lyrics.

In there second single going by the name 'HEADLINES' being released on the 27th March they have challenged the scene of false news and meaningless headlines. Hitting you with a hard explosive riff fairly similar to the likes of Rage Against The Machine then rolling slowly into a smooth bassline. The story is told from the perspective of a narrator who feels disconnected from the world around him. Lyena use sarcasm and dry wit blended with powerful hooks in an angst-driven, tongue-in-cheek track oozing with slick riffs and raw energy.

Lyena are playing the following shows in March and April: 26/03/2020 - Roadtrip and the Workshop, London (headline show) 11/04/2020 - The basement - Chelmsford 15/04/2020 - The Unicorn, London

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