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Cigarette Social Club Lights A Spark With New EP!

Over the last few week we've been in conversation with Harry Bott the lead singer-songwriter of the up and coming band Cigarette Social Club as he tells us about his new up and coming EP with the working title 'A Day In Montpellier'. The brilliant new band our infamous for there catchy lyrics and heavy old-school riffs, hailing from the Birmingham scene they've played in top venues across the city and tearing up the stage literally! The new EP will give a fresh face to the band with three exciting new songs, two already being realised 'Tell Me How' and 'Armchair Romance' with the third coming very soon going by the name 'Waiting For A Lifetime'.

Starting with 'Tell Me How' a particular fan favourite. This song compiles together all the things a great indie rock song should have, with it's fantastic hard hitting lyrics and a continuous unique beautifully put together guitar riff which carries throughout the song this is definitely one to listen too! One highlight of the song which I particularly enjoyed was the set-back bridge towards the end with a dreamy loops of "tell me lies" which goes into an excellent hard rock guitar sequence.

'Armchair Romance' the second number on this three track EP brings a complete switch up compared to 'Tell Me How'. Harry said this track is very close to his heart and you can see this through the painful yet beautiful lyricism and slow build up of the continuous back beat. On some market research one listener said "it brought a tear to my eye, as it's so relatable".

Finally the unreleased 'Waiting For A Lifetime' brings a lovely end to the EP with its contemporary indie drum beat and reminds me of something from The Kooks or Catfish & The Bottlemen. It gives a sort of summer surf feeling and will be one to listen to on the beach post-covid. I really enjoyed the chilled vibe to this track, it's incredibly heart warming and really easy listening. A highlight would be the use of harmony and echo which is something this band have really hit on the head to give them a brilliant authentic sound throughout this EP.

On reflection this is an excellent record from this small up and coming band and would be definitely one to listen to!

Link To 'Tell Me How' -

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